Shiloh University

Ministry and Leadership Programs

Our ministry and leadership programs exist to ignite world changers in their callings to transform culture and impact lives. They provide training in leadership, compassionate ministry, and biblical studies. Students are instructed by qualified faculty who are experienced in Christian ministry as apostolic leaders, missionaries, pastoral caregivers, and teachers.

Leadership studies focus on the fivefold ministry as a biblical model of leadership in the body of Christ today (Ephesians 4:11-13). Our goal is to equip leaders, men, and women who will make history while walking in their divine calling to strengthen and care for members of the Church, advance the outreach of the gospel of Christ through revival, and positively impact their communities and culture through reformation.

Compassionate ministry emphasizes the love of God in healing, deliverance, and pastoral care. Our goal is to equip servant-leaders whose focus of ministry is to bring the saving and healing work of Christ into the lives of those in need. Biblical studies have their grounding in the person of Jesus Christ and in the Jewish background of the early church. The School of Ministry provides an opportunity to study the Jewish foundations of Christianity, enhancing the understanding of Scripture and its application to life and ministry.

Bachelor of Arts Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry provides a personal foundation for ministry. Through the examination of biblical, historical, and cultural backgrounds and training in interpersonal skills, students are encouraged to use prior learning and current experience to bring kingdom values to those within their call to ministry. The program’s emphasis the student’s call to ministry includes church, work, family, community, and culture.

Master of Arts in Practical Ministry

The Master of Arts in Practical Ministry degree provides the student with a practical approach to the application of Scripture and theology across various ministry disciplines. There are two possible tracks, one for study and teaching, and the other for the work of pastoral care or chaplaincy.

Master of Divinity

Shiloh University’s Master of Divinity degree provides professional and theological graduate training designed to equip the participant for the continued study, application, and ministering of God’s Word. The curriculum concentrates on the biblical basis for ministry practices, allowing for ministry formation in concert with the participant’s home church beliefs, and making room for the Holy Spirit to teach and minister in the participant’s life. Additional emphasis is placed on the knowledge and skills necessary to lead, teach, or minister in a church or parachurch setting.

Doctor of Ministry

The Doctor of Ministry is a practice-oriented professional degree for pastors and ministry leaders that cultivates a “way of being” for spiritual formation. The program emphasizes relational ministry development. It is designed to facilitate spiritual renewal and to stimulate increasingly effective ministry in the Church and contemporary world.