Who We Are

Organizational History

Shiloh University is an educational institution named after the biblical story of Shiloh. It was founded in 2006 as an online Bible college and seminary with a mission to provide worldwide inclusive educational opportunities. The University began instruction in January 2007.

Through the years, Shiloh University has had the privilege of supporting adult learners from various races, countries, vocations, and Christian faith traditions.

Collaboration has been central to the continuous improvement of curriculum and instructional services. The collaborative effort included educators, pastors, missionaries, business leaders, and specialists in curriculum, accreditation, and technology from diverse backgrounds and countries. This collaborative effort developed a culture of listening, learning, and appreciation for the varied gifts, perspectives, and callings God places within His people.

The University’s accredited programs have included associate, bachelor, masters, master of divinity, and doctor of ministry. The academic programs focused on ministry training through biblical foundations, relational orientation, and practical application. Biblical foundations included the Jewish backgrounds of the New Testament as well as a relational trinitarian view of Scripture. An education degree was the last of the developed programs.

Through the years, Shiloh University has had a good history of student satisfaction and degree completions. The school, however, has been unable to sustain sufficient growth to maintain the integrity of future operations. In addition, there are currently many great online and affordable seminary programs available to students, and some with tremendous world-wide outreaches. So, in 2021, the University leadership agreed to begin the process of closing down its accredited seminary degree programs. We anticipate the seminary programs will be completely closed before the end of 2023, when the last of our University students graduate (for more information, see our Academics tab).