Masters in Women’s Leadership

Objectives and Outcomes

The Masters in Women’s Leadership is designed by women for women at all levels of leadership: those who are ready to assume leadership, those who are relatively new to leadership and those who are long-serving leaders. Among its goals are to enable and mobilize women around the globe to advance the Christ’s Kingdom across the seven mountains of society.

Program Road Map



About Us

The Masters in Women’s Leadership Program is designed to enlarge the personal and professional capacities of its participants, leveraging their God-given strengths, enhancing their influence, and facilitating the development of lasting relationships with women from diverse backgrounds. Through study, discussion, and application, students receive a foundation for advancing revival, reformation and cultural transformation.

Admission Requirements

For more information on Masters in Women’s Leadership prerequisites and requirements for admission, please click here.


The total tuition for the M.A. in Women’s Leadership is $21,800.

The program length is 24-months. Students can choose the following payment method:

  1. Pay annually, will enjoy a 3% tuition deduction
  2. Pay monthly, there will be an additional 3% processing fee


Program Goals

The goals of the Masters in Women’s Leadership program are:

  • Increase the student’s ability to influence and impact society.
  • Enlarge personal professional capacity to exercise leadership.
  • Integrate the student’s authentic identity with leadership practices.
  • Develop the student’s ability to collaborate in ways that encourage creative solutions.
  • Leverage student’s participation in the program to develop long-lasting relationships.
  • Stir the student’s passion for mentoring other women leaders.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Distinguish between current and future leadership practices for women, based upon the scriptural basis for women in leadership as well as current global trends in cultural leadership.
  • Apply solutions to overcome unique barriers and hindrances faced by women.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate how the student’s authentic identity and kingdom authority connects with effective leadership.
  • Integrate program content, biblical research, and prior learning to develop an applied ministry thesis as a foundation for implementing a comprehensive strategy for leadership in the student’s unique setting.

Online Course List

TH 520 – Kingdom Theology and 7 Mountain Mandate

TH 522 – Theology of Women

CH 504 – Spiritual Outpourings and Revivals

PL 532 – Leading from Authentic Identity

PL 526 – Five-fold Ministry Leadership

MT 540 – Global Trends and Kingdom Movement

MT 511 – Principles of Spiritual Care

MT 513 – Practical Crisis Counseling

MT 538 – Mothers on the Frontline

MT 536 – A New Era for Apostolic and Prophetic Women

GS 520 – Applied Ministry Thesis 1

GS 521 – Applied Ministry Thesis 2

Total for the program – 36 Units

All courses are 3 units.

Program Units

The Masters degree is a two-year program consisting of 36 units (semester hours).


Graduation Requirements

To graduate with the Masters in Women’s Leadership the student will:

  • Complete the minimum number of units required.
  • Successfully complete all courses in the degree program.
  • Complete and pass the Applied Ministry Thesis.
  • Earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.
  • Fulfill any outstanding school financial obligations.
  • Verified active mentorship during the degree program.

Student Testimonials

I am eternally grateful to God for providing Shiloh University. I could not find this level of education in the area of theology in my country. I always get excited when I am taking a new course and I always share the things I learn with my family, my friends, my church.”

Janneth Saveedra

Shiloh University has fanned the flame of my desire, and equipped me to share God’s hope and redemption with a needy world.”

John Isoka

I have loved every bit of my experience with Shiloh University! The faculty provided a personal touch that is too often lost in other universities. The level of academics is top-notch and presented in a sound and meaningful way.”

Joshua Wheeler

Having instructors who could challenge me and question me on specific topics forced me to dig in and really understand the foundations of what I believe.”

Jeremy Richardson

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