Student Services & Policies

Shiloh University strives to provide comprehensive student services from orientation and course registration to graduation. Here are some ways students are supported throughout their programs, both inside and outside their courses.


New students at Shiloh University are required to complete an Online Orientation to be completed by the end of the student’s first trimester of enrollment. The orientation is not a credit-bearing course but must be completed by the end of the first trimester. The Registrar will confirm the completion of the orientation before allowing ongoing enrollment (i.e. the next trimester). Each student will be alerted to the requirement in the admission process and in the Student Information Center in the online classroom. The orientation includes an introductory video, from the Vice President of Academics, welcoming students to the university, pointing out the resources available to them (library, writing center, and student information center), and emphasizing their importance. The orientation also addresses keys to student success.

Advising Services

Student Services begin with a comprehensive orientation to the resources and support services available to students throughout their program of study. Academic Advisors make regular connections with students throughout the program to answer questions, provide guidance in course progress, and discuss how courses and projects can best meet student educational and vocational goals.

Shiloh University does not guarantee job placement or provide job placement services, but advisors are passionate about helping students find application for their studies in their personal lives and communities.

instructor Services

University instructors strive to provide a meaningful educational experience in every course. Faculty members are not only knowledgeable in their fields of expertise, but they draw on invaluable practical experience in order to impart the subject matter with real-world application. Instructors are active in course discussions, provide individualized feedback on written assignments, and are always available for course-related student assistance.

Administrative Services

From the application process to graduation planning, the administrative staff is determined that students have seamless support. The registrar’s office and admissions staff are always available to answer questions and online course technology support is available. Students also have access to the e-Library and Writing Center.

Disability Accommodation Services

Shiloh University is committed to providing accessible education whenever possible to the disabled community. The University website and online classroom both support audio/visual assistance tools and other accessibility needs in accordance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (standard 2.0, Level AA). Any accessibility related issues with the University website or online classroom should be communicated to Student Services.

If a student feels he or she needs additional accommodations, Shiloh University is happy to meet these requests whenever reasonably possible. Students requesting accommodation must complete an Accommodation Request Form and submit it to Student Services in accordance with the University Disability Policy. After review, the Student Services Coordinator will work with the student to establish an accommodation plan to best meet his or her need. This plan will then be communicated to the student’s instructor(s) on a trimester basis.

Change of Contact Information

In order for Shiloh University to assist students adequately it is important that students provide current and accurate contact information. Students can make appropriate changes to their contact information including residing address, phone number, email, and other information in MySU. Alumni can update their information by sending an email with their previous and new contact information to the Registrar’s office.

Student ID cards

Student ID cards are issued by request only. Students can submit their request by sending an email to the Registrar’s Office.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduating students are encouraged to attend the University’s annual commencement ceremony, but attendance is not a requirement for graduation. Commencement is typically held annually in late June. Graduating students are notified of the graduation details via email and a letter in the months leading up to the ceremony. The letter includes instructions on how to prepare for the ceremony and other pertinent details. Graduates will be notified of fees that will be applied to the student’s account based on his or her choice of regalia rental, diploma printing fees, and other graduation-related expenses.


Student Services & Policies
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