Janneth Saavedra: Embracing the Challenge, Loving the Journey

Janneth Saavedra: Embracing the Challenge, Loving the Journey

Janneth Saavedra (pictured left of her sister) is one of our Master of Divinity students from Mexico. I asked Janneth to share her experiences in the M.Div. program and how her courses are impacting her life. I think that her words will resonate with many who, like her, have the desire to pursue further educational opportunities centered on God’s word.

Master of Divinity student Janneth Saavedra and her sister

“Shiloh University has changed my life completely.  I always wanted to learn more about God, His Word, and the traditions within the Church. I used to pick up books from the shelf here and there trying to learn everything I could. However, not all the information I found was trustworthy. There are a lot of books and things to read on the Internet, but without good guidance you can get lost. This University was the answer to my prayers. I have met the best teachers in the world—teachers who really get involved and encourage me to have a meeting with God in each class.

First, I took a course as personal enrichment and when I was almost done with the course I thought, “I can’t stop these classes. They are fantastic!” And I continued to take some other classes also as personal enrichment. Then my advisor suggested that I go for a master’s degree. So, at that moment, I decided to pursue my Master of Divinity.

This journey has not been easy. As a native Spanish speaker, I had to work hard to improve my English writing and comprehension skills. But in all this process, my teachers and fellow students have been a great support. Shiloh University has also been my first online learning experience and I have been pleasantly surprised! I always thought that online learning would be a lonely way to learn with just me and the books. However, I was totally mistaken, because I have “shared” the classroom with people from around the world. The intercultural experience is such an integral part of my education here.

I am eternally grateful to God for providing Shiloh University. I could not find this level of education in the area of theology in my country. I always get excited when I am taking a new course and I always share the things I learn with my family, my friends, my church. I have grown and matured in my relationship with God, and my eyes and understanding have been opened in a new way. I love being a student here at Shiloh University and I enjoy every class as much as I can.”