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Objectives and Outcomes

The primary objective of the D.Min in Ministry in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology is to enhance students’ corporate apostolic leadership and applied theological understanding.

Great emphasis is placed on applied ministry for persons who have engaged in substantial ministerial leadership. The goals of D.Min. in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology are directed to individuals’ knowledge of religious heritage, understanding of the seven missional (mountains) of cultural influence, context and cultural contextualization, growth in spiritual depth and moral integrity, and capacity for ministerial and public leadership.

If you are a leadership professional who is looking to progress into advance leadership levels, in a strategic management role, or an educational planning or development role, this is the best degree for you.

Learning outcomes are congruent with Christ’s Great Commandment, Commission and Dominion Mandate. Students shall demonstrate that they have achieved the goals or learning outcomes of the program by means of direct and indirect evidence of student learning.

These specific, learning outcomes will shape and inform the design of all courses, supervised ministry experiences, formation activities, and other instructional strategies to establish a coherent and integrated curriculum for the Doctor of Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology program.

Admission Requirements

  1. Committed, mature Christian leader.
  2. Agree to live a life that honors God and abide by scriptural guidelines outlined in the Bible
  3. Leadership experience (60% weight in admission): Minimum of five years in a senior leadership role at a local church/organization.
  4. Educational experience (40% weight in admission)
  5. Must have either a M.Div, M.Theology, or a WU Master of Apostolic Leadership and Applied Ministry degree.
  6. Other Christian MA/MS degree may apply, however, prerequisite courses will be required.
  7. All non-Christian related MA degree holders are expected to complete WU Master program first.
  8. Two references (1 pastoral and 1 peer reference).



D.Min in Apostolic Leadership and Applied Theology:

$610.53 per credit hour, 57 credit hours.

Total program cost: $34,800 


Online Course List

Students will have rigorous guided online study in a cohort format. With advanced online learning system, a well-designed course structure, and a cohort mentor, WU students will gain valuable knowledge, discuss best practices and receive shift for their ministry and leadership development.
  1. Thy Kingdom Come: Dominion Mandate
  2. Apostolic Leadership
  3. Marketplace Ministry and BAM Movement
  4. Action Research for Final Dissertation
  5. Revival, Reformation & Social Transformation
  6. Heaven’s Economy and the Great Transfer of Wealth 
  7. Missiology: World Evangelism and Church Planting Movement 
  8. Church Planting and Church Growth
  9. Strategic Spiritual Warfare 
  10. Final Dissertation: Transform Your World

Program Requirements

10 Core Courses – 27 units
3 Residentials – 18 units
1 Dissertation paper – 12 units

Total units for graduation: 57


Residential Training

Students will participate in 3 required 4-day face-to-face sessions. Students will meet internationally well-known leaders, receive instruction and impartation for personal breakthrough and maximize their learning experience.

Graduation Requirements

Students who enroll at SU will have specific graduation requirements related to their program and level of study. They will be expected to complete and follow all SU policies related to academic and financial requirements.



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